March Madness, Spring, and Money Now

The NCAA Tournament is underway, Spring is almost here, the IRS is finally getting around to sending out refunds, but it still seems like there’s never enough money to take care of everything. Taking care of all the bills in the 21st Century America is no slam dunk – even during March Madness!  And that tax refund you get won’t last long either.  If borrowing money from family, friends, banks or other sources won’t work for you, you may want to consider the good points and bad points of the following options.

Options When Borrowing Money

Payday Loans, Title Loans and even […] Read more

Making Payments On Time is Important

Benefits of Paying Loans on Time

Unforeseen difficulties in life can often be overcome with personal financial flexibility.  At King of Kash, we provide personal loans to help you catch up and get back on financial track.  But beyond helping you overcome these unexpected difficulties, we believe that it’s important for many of our customers to establish or re-establish their credit history.  One of the ways this can be achieved is by making payments on time for things like rent, utilities, installment loans, etc.  Other advantages to making payments on time include:

Improved credit score
Lower interest rates
Avoid late fees
Freedom to make future […] Read more


Signature Loan or Payday Loan?


You’ve heard of signature and payday loans, but how do they work? And more importantly, which one is best for you? Your individual needs and experience may play a large role in your choice but it pays to know that there are some clear differences between them.

Plain and simple: signature loans are personal installment loans that, besides some relatively simple qualifications, require signing a contract to repay.  Payday loans may have similar qualifications but your entire loan is due to be repaid with your next payday (post-dated check). Usually payday loans can be rolled over for […] Read more