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Financial emergencies are no laughing matters. In most cases, we apply for loans when we are in desperate need of urgent financial assistance. After all, who would want to go through the hassle and the additional fees that come with getting a loan?

While these realities are unavoidable, you can avoid going through all the stress and painful processes that come with applying for loans. King of Kash is also known as Easy Loan Store™ as it describes perfectly well what we do – provide personal loans in Albuquerque the fastest and easiest way possible. This is what makes King of Kash different from all your other loan options – streamlined application and approval process that will help lessen the stress in these trying times.

We at King of Kash know very well how stressful and painful a financial crisis can be. This is why we don’t require collateral or any traditional credit checks to make the process so much easier and faster. We will process your application and provide feedback within a couple of minutes. We also allow loans for as much as $3,000 and allow you to collect it within a couple of hours. The best part is you have the option to either have it directly deposited into your bank account or have it transferred through ACH transfer.

Apply for a personal loan online or give us a call at 800-892-3006. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself why King of Kash is now known as the fastest growing online loan provider in New Mexico!

Do I need good credit to qualify for a personal loan?

Borrowers with not-so-stellar credit score can still take advantage of our personal loans in Albuquerque NM since of King of Kash is more concerned on your capacity of paying the loan back than your credit standing. At King of Kash, we don’t do credit checking but we take measures to ensure that your information is correct and accurate, including details of your identity and employment.

We have approved a great number of loan applications over the last four decades in the industry. You could become one of the borrowers approved in our 77% approval rate, but you do have to meet our conditions especially if you have poor credit score.

Types of Loans

Different lenders, different terms. If you’re looking for small loans in Albuquerque, you need to first determine what choices are available to you so can get the best deal. One lender may have different set of requirements, interest rates and amount of loan that you can borrow from the next. But it’s most important to know that King of Kash is the best loan company in Albuquerque in terms of rates, reliability and convenience.

Title Loans

We offer secured loans such as title loans. Title loans are great options if you have vehicles that you can put up as collateral and if your need for extra cash is somewhat urgent.

Title loan lenders are more concerned about the value of your vehicle than of your credit score, so it’s easier to qualify than applying for unsecured loans from banks and credit unions. Depending on the vehicle’s value, you may be able to borrow a larger loan.

Salvage title loans are great if you pay your loans promptly because you still get to use your car. However, as in any secured loan, falling short of your obligations could give the lender the right to repossess your vehicle.

Payday Loans

Albuquerque payday loans can be great options if you’re just looking for a small and quick financial fix. Basically, payday loans are loans you take against your next paycheck. They’re often scheduled to be paid in full by your next pay schedule. Different payday loan lenders have different rates, but expect them to always be expensive. In fact, each $100 on your loan could be charged a minimum of $10 flat fee.

It’s also a common practice for lenders to require post-dated checks. While these is customary, you need to be careful about insufficient funds in your account since the check could bounce and you now need to pay for expensive overdraft fees along with your loan.

King of Kash Personal Loans

To enjoy convenience and affordability, opt for King of Kash loans. King of Kash provides unsecured personal loans which don’t need to be paid off in one lump sum. Instead, we break down the loan into equal monthly payments within a 12-month period so it’s easier to pay for which is far more manageable than payday loans. King of Kash personal loans also don’t need collateral, so we won’t be asking for car titles or any assets.

King of Kash is a firm believer of personal loans that are reliable, convenient and affordable. There are no hidden charges, meticulous credit checks and costly interest charges. Apply online or call our number to begin applying for our personal loans.

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