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Albuquerque Personal Loans

Do you need cash fast to cover an emergency, but you’re worried that you won’t get approved or that you can’t afford to pay off the loan?

King of Kash is the fastest growing provider of quick loans in Albuquerque and is here to help solve your financial needs. We offer a wide array of loans from personal loans to installment loans and even lines of credit to any and all borrowers that qualify. King of Kash has been providing these easy and affordable loans for over 40 years and have helped hundreds of thousands of people in financial binds just like yours get back on the road to financial stability!

Do I need good credit to get a personal loan?

Borrowers with bad credit can still be approved for our personal loans in Albuquerque since King of Kash is more concerned with your ability to pay the loan back rather than your credit standing. We don’t do hard credit checks, but we do take measures to verify that your information is correct and accurate.

We have funded hundreds of thousands of loan applications over the last 40 years. You could become another in a long line of satisfied customers. Don’t worry about your credit score! We have a 77% approval rate and that includes loans for people with bad credit.

Need a fast online loan? We can help with that.

Financial emergencies are no laughing matter. With 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, a medical emergency, broken down car, or any other unexpected expense can send most of us scrambling for financial help.

In most cases, we apply for fast online loans when we are in desperate need of urgent financial assistance. After all, who would want to go through the hassle and the additional fees that come with getting a loan?

The King of Kash Difference

While much of it is unavoidable, you can avoid going through all the stress that comes with applying for personal loans in Albuquerque. King of Kash is known as Easy Loan Store™ since it perfectly describes what we do – provide installment loans in Albuquerque the fastest and easiest way possible. This is what sets King of Kash apart from all those other loan providers – a streamlined application and approval process that makes borrowing easy.

Our Loan Approval Process

At King of Kash, we know how stressful going through a financial crisis can be. This is why we don’t require collateral or any traditional credit checks to qualify for our loans, which makes the whole loan process easier and faster. 

We’ll process your application and provide your approval decision within a couple of minutes. If you qualify, you may be approved for a loan for as much as $3,000 and you can collect it within a couple of hours. The best part is you have the option to either have it directly deposited into your bank account or have it transferred through ACH transfer.

Apply online for one of our bad credit loans in Albuquerque or give us a call at 800-892-3006. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself why King of Kash is now known as the fastest growing online loan provider in New Mexico!

The Top Lending Option in Albuquerque for Residents With a Bad Credit Score

Of course, things break down when it’s the worst possible moment. The car stops working when you need to get to work in the morning, the garage door suddenly won’t open to let you in when it’s pouring rain, or the refrigerator breaks right after you buy groceries. The worst part, for some Albuquerque residents, is when this happens right before payday or right after they’ve needed to use the cash in their emergency funds. When that happens, if the resident has a bad credit score, they may worry about how they’ll get the cash they need. We can help.

Causes of a Low Credit Score

Low credit scores can happen for a number of reasons, not just for overspending past credit limits and failing to pay credit cards or loans on time. They can happen if someone loses their job and is unable to make their car payment for a few months, if someone ends up out of work for medical reasons and can’t pay their mortgage, or if someone has a serious medical issue that creates tons of medical bills they need to pay. When a low credit score does happen, it can make it difficult for Albuquerque residents to get the cash they need to handle emergencies that might arise.

The Need for a Small Loan

Most loans are huge. A lot of lenders only loan amounts of $10,000 or more and those will want a very high credit score for the applicant to be approved. For those who just had a small emergency happen, this isn’t something to look into. They only need a few hundred dollars, so they’re not going to want to get a loan for thousands of dollars. Instead, there is a need for small loans, usually $1,000 or less. While payday loans are available, these are due all at once, so they’re not a great option either. Instead, we offer installment loans for those times when residents need extra cash without the hassle and with low monthly repayments.

Payments Made Over Time

Getting the $1,000 or less that’s needed to handle the broken garage door, the battery the car needs, or the refrigerator repairs doesn’t need to be difficult. The main problem most applicants have is either that the credit score requirement for lenders is too high or that the entire loan amount must be paid back with their next check. These aren’t an issue for applicants who work with us.

Our company doesn’t rely on credit scores to make sure residents can get the help they need. We understand that things happen, and a credit score may not be an accurate reflection of a resident’s ability to repay a small loan. That’s why we look more into their repayment ability than what their credit score says.

Along with this, we don’t require the whole loan to be repaid at once. Instead, we offer residents a monthly repayment plan that fits their needs. There’s no need to worry about paying everything with the next check and not knowing where the money for regular bills will come from. Instead, small monthly payments make it easier to repay the loan over time, so our applicants have nothing to worry about.

Try an Installment Loan

Installment loans are perfect for life’s little emergencies that always happen at the worst possible time. Though we start with loans of under $1,000 for new applicants, once a loan has been repaid, applicants can typically apply for up to $3,000 in the future. This way, our company is available to help no matter what has happened. With an installment loan, there’s no requirement to spend the money on something specific, either. If the car repair turns out to be less money than expected, the remaining money can be used for something else for the car, for extra groceries, or for anything else the resident wants to spend it on. It can also be set aside in case they have another emergency and need the cash.

If you’ve had an emergency happen and you’re worried about getting the money to handle it because of a bad credit score, we can help. Our team provides assistance to Albuquerque residents who need it the most. With a fast application process, a high chance of approval, and cash within hours, our company provides the help you need when you need it. Fill out our application today to see how much you can borrow or contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Types of Small Loans in Albuquerque

Different lenders have different terms. If you’re looking for cash loans in Albuquerque, you need to find out your choices so you can get the best deal. One lender may have a different set of requirements, interest rates, and loan amount that you can borrow compared to the next. You’ll be hard pressed to find one better than King of Kash since we’re the best loan company in Albuquerque in terms of rates, reliability, and convenience.

Title Loans

Title loans are an option if you have a completely paid off vehicle that you can put up as collateral and if your need for extra cash is somewhat urgent.

Title loan lenders are more concerned about the value of your vehicle than of your credit score, so Albuquerque title loans are easier to qualify than other unsecured loans from banks and credit unions. And, depending on the vehicle’s value, you may be able to borrow a larger loan.

Online payday loans in New Mexico are great if you can quickly pay your loan off because you still get to use your car. However, as in any secured loan, defaulting on the loan could give the lender the right to repossess your vehicle.

We recommend that borrowers stay away from title loans because they are a predatory loan that targets people with bad credit and forces them to put their car up as collateral.

Payday Loans

Albuquerque payday loans can be a good choice if you’re just looking for a small loan over a short amount of time. Basically, payday loans are loans you take against your next paycheck. They’re often scheduled to be paid in full by your next pay day. Different payday loan lenders have different rates, but expect them to always be expensive. In fact, each $100 on your loan could be charged a minimum of $10 flat fee.

It’s also a common practice for lenders to require post-dated checks. While this is customary, you need to keep an eye on your account balance since having insufficient funds would cause the check to bounce and force you to incur overdraft fees.

We also encourage potential borrowers to steer clear of paycheck loans, or cash advances in Albuquerque, since the interest rates on these loans can reach almost 1,000% depending on the fee structure.

Personal Loans

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, and lower risk way to solve your financial emergency, your best bet is to go with a personal loan from King of Kash. We provide unsecured personal loans in Albuquerque that don’t collateral at signing or need to be paid off in one payment at the end of the loan term. 

Instead, we divide the total cost of loan into 12 equal monthly payments so the cost is spread out over the course of a year. This makes it easier to pay for which is far more manageable than payday loans. And since our New Mexico personal loans don’t require collateral, we won’t be asking for car titles or any assets in exchange for your loan.

We firmly believe in personal loans that are reliable, convenient and affordable. There are no hidden charges, hard credit checks that ping your credit score, or costly interest charges to inflate the overall cost of the loan. Apply online or call 800-892-3006 to begin applying for our personal loans.

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