Title Loan or Installment Loan from King of Kash?

Unless you’ve given up television and radio over the last few months, it would be hard to miss the onslaught of commercials from payday and title lenders.  Because they have been pushing so hard for business we thought it might be worth taking a moment to examine exactly what a title loan is and how it can possibly affect your life in a pretty dramatic way. Be aware that we are not referencing any particular company in this post – the examples and issues we reference may not be how every company works.

What is a Title Loan?

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March Madness, Spring, and Money Now

The NCAA Tournament is underway, Spring is almost here, the IRS is finally getting around to sending out refunds, but it still seems like there’s never enough money to take care of everything. Taking care of all the bills in the 21st Century America is no slam dunk – even during March Madness!  And that tax refund you get won’t last long either.  If borrowing money from family, friends, banks or other sources won’t work for you, you may want to consider the good points and bad points of the following options.

Options When Borrowing Money

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