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King of Kash has developed an online signature loan application process that’s highly easy and convenient for borrowers to follow. Just follow this 4-step guide and get your loan in a matter of hours!

  1. Call our hotline or log in to our website. You’ll be given instruction on how to apply for one of our loans.
  2. Submit the completed application form to us for evaluation.
  3. We will contact you through your phone number so we can discuss and agree on the loan’s terms and conditions.
  4. After agreeing to the loan terms, we will deposit the loan amount to your bank account or we can do a bank or wire transfer.
  5. You may also opt to get the money at the King of Kash store in your area.

Getting as much as $3,000 has never been this easy! You only need to call our office or apply online and you’d be on your way to getting the extra funds you need!

Why should I get a King of Kash signature loan?

King of Kash offers affordable signature loans that are easy and convenient to process and acquire whether you have good credit or bad credit.

  • With this process, you don’t have to worry about documentation requirements, long and tiresome application methods, and stressful waiting time of whether your loan has been approved or not. All you need to do is apply for the loan, wait for assessment, and get your cash the same day you applied for your loan.
  • One way of making the process easier is by removing requirements like collaterals and credit checks out of our application process. We will accept your application, process it, and give you feedback in just a matter of minutes.
  • Most importantly, we give high emphasis on respecting our clients and knowing that we need you as much as you need us. We do not judge your application based on where the money will be used or whether your credit rating is good or not.
  • Our personal installment loans are processed and released the fastest and easiest ways possible. You even have the option to whether collect your cash at the nearest store or have it deposited straight into your account.

What types of loans can I get?

There are various types of loans out there and it’s always better to understand what your options are. Depending on the type of lender, you will get a different quote on loans based on the maximum amount that you may be able to borrow, their interest rates and conditions. But most importantly, you will see soon enough why King of Kash is not only different, but also the best choice!

Title Loans

If you want to put up a car as collateral and get a larger amount of loan, then you may decide on a vehicle title loan. As a secured loan, title loans require that you provide the car’s clean title to the lender during the application. Lenders determine the maximum amount that they’re willing to lend you based on the car’s value rather than on your credit status. However, do note that lenders of title loans still have a ceiling amount that they can let you borrow despite the fact that they can give you a larger loan amount.

The disadvantage of title loans is that they put your car ownership at risk. Defaulting or neglecting your loan payments could result to the lender seizing your vehicle. But if you’re a good borrower, you could get both your loan and still drive your car.

Payday Loans

Payday loans allow you to bridge small scale financial gaps by borrowing from your next salary. These loans allow you to borrow smaller amounts of money which you are required to pay for in the next 2-4 weeks. Different lenders have different rates on their payday loans, but they’re widely known as the most expensive loan types in the market today. You’re charged a flat fee for every $100 you borrow, typically ranging from $10-$30, excluding other fees that come with the loan.

Most lenders also require you to provide a post-dated check, so if your salary gets delayed or you still have insufficient funds by that time, the check bounces and you also need to pay for overdraft fees apart from from the loan itself.

King of Kash Signature Loans

King of Kash specializes on bad credit signature loans. You can borrow a good amount of money with a signature loan which you can pay off in equal portions each month, often within a 12-month loan term so that your loan becomes more affordable and manageable. It eradicates the pain of paying in lump sum such as in the case of payday loans.

Additionally, these are unsecured signature loans so you don’t have to put up any collateral to be approved. You don’t need to risk your vehicle like in title loans.

King of Kash is all about providing affordable signature loans without the expensive interest rates, hidden charges, or meticulous credit checks. Call our hotline or apply online to apply for our low-risk Madison signature loans.

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