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Do I need good credit to qualify for an installment loan?

Good credit is always a plus, but it is not an absolute requirement to be able to obtain our installment loans. At King of Kash, we emphasize the importance of your source of income and employment status, along with your identity and citizenship. With all these in order, we will be able to work on your loan application immediately and you’ll get the approval you need in a very short time.

We understand that you’re at a point when you’re hard-pressed for some extra money and regardless of your financial circumstances, King of Kash will review your application as long you as you complete the application and submit the required documents.

We might still require you to provide your credit information in addition to the required documents to complete the application process. And with all these in place, your online installment loan application could easily become part of our 77% approval rate.

What do I need to apply for a King of Kash installment loan?

Want to apply for an installment loan in Green Bay? It’s easy! All you need is prepare these documents, submit them to us and we could start processing our application right away:

  1. An updated proof of income or employment, such as pay slip or an award letter, indicating that you have the financial means of paying the loan back.
  2. If you are employed, you must be permanently working of at least 36 hours each week.
  3. You must be a citizen of the United States. Present a passport or any government-issued ID as proof.
  4. You must own an active bank account of at least 30 days (checking or savings).
  5. You are 18 years old and above.
  6. You own a valid ID with photo such as driver’s license/ passport.
  7. You must have a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card to your name.
  8. A valid contact number. We will need to call you to talk about your application.
  9. You must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN)

We want to ensure that borrowing from us is nothing short of pleasant and convenient so we advice you to prepare these papers beforehand. Once all these are complete, we can begin processing your application right away.

When do I get my cash?

King of Kash has devised a convenient way to applying for our loans so you know right away if your application is approved. And when you’re approved, you’ll also easily get the loan in a variety of ways. You can pick the most convenient way from one of these four methods:

  1. Personally go to one of our King of Kash stores near you.
  2. Request for direct deposit into your bank account.
  3. Get it through ACH the next day.
  4. Through bank wires which clears within the same business day.

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