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King of Kash: The Easy Loan Store

Life can take unexpected turns and throw us in difficult situations and oftentimes, our finances also suffer. There are financial situations that are easier to deal with, but there are also others that are more challenging and difficult. King of Kash is here to help you ease out of your financial dilemma by offering you loans that you can easily get and qualify for.

King of Kash is known as the Easy Loan Store because it provides loans so easily to people in financial need like you. You may be able to borrow from other lenders, but King of Kash boasts of a very convenient application process to give immediate remedy to your financial situation.

We may be in the business of lending money, but our main goal is to lend a hand in times when you need it the most. With that said, we give dignity to every loan application we receive and respect that you’re in a temporary financial need. We emphasize on the importance of helping out our borrowers during tight financial times, whatever reason they may have for borrowing.

What are my options in getting my cash?

With your convenience in mind, King of Kash aims to give you a pleasant and breezy loan application experience. You would know straight away about your application status in just a few short minutes. And once you’re approved, you can easily get the money as well! Just pick the most convenient from these options:

  • Get it through bank transfer which clears within the same business day.
  • Visit one of the nearest King of Kash stores in your location to personally redeem your money.
  • Through ACH transfer that clears the next business day.
  • Request to directly deposit the money right to your bank account.

Signature Loans for People With Bad Credit

Good credit is not an important factor in qualifying for a personal loan from King of Kash. Instead of relying on your personal credit score to make lending decisions, we base our approval on your income, citizenship status, employment stability,and capacity to repay.

Regardless of your financial circumstances, we will work with you every step of the way to get your loan approved . However, to qualify, you must provide all the documentation required for the loan. We may also conduct a review of your financial history to determine if there are additional requirements that must be fulfilled.

King of Kash has 77% approval rate which means there is a higher chance that you will qualify for our loan.


How long does the application process take?

King of Kash has made its loan application process so much easier for you. You’ll know within minutes upon application if you qualify. If you do, you can also get your money from any King of Kash outlet on the same day.

How much are the loans available?

Most first-time borrowers can avail of as much as $800 but you can also get as high as $3,000. Our average loan amount though is below $1,000.

Do you require a collateral?

The loans we offer are unsecured personal loans so we don’t require a collateral in order to qualify.

Can I pay my loan early?

Certainly – and you don’t need to worry about incurring penalty charges for doing so!

How do I make the monthly installment payments?

We want to make your experience with King of Kash as pleasurable as possible, which is why we’ve devised several ways you can make your monthly payments. You have the option of paying either with your debit or credit card or doing it over the phone. You can also post money order to any King of Kash stores or have the payment automatically deducted from your bank account.

King of Kash is your Easy Loan Store and we live up to this name for many reasons!

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