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Apply for a Rio Rancho Signature Loan With King of Kash

Getting your online signature loan is fast, easy, and straightforward at King of Kash. Our company offers signature loans that you can easily avail and immediately use with these very simple steps.

  1. You may apply via phone by calling our number 800-892-3006 or via the internet by filling out the form in our official website.
  2. We will evaluate your application as soon as we receive it.
  3. We will talk to you about the terms of the loan as well as verify certain details via a phone call.
  4. We can deposit the money into your bank account or you may personally claim it from a King of Kash store in your location.

We take our tagline the Easy Loan Store seriously so we make sure that all our borrowers experience only the best and fastest loan application process!

The loan application simply requires one phone call or a visit to our website and you may start borrowing. As a plus, qualifying for our online application process could entitle you up to $3,000 in signature loans.

And once approved, getting the money is even easy. You can drop by any store of King of Kash in your location to personally get the loan or have it directly deposited into your account.

Finally, don’t let poor credit score trouble you. King of Kash approves loans from various ranges of credit scores. It even boasts 77% approval rate! You could very well qualify for our loans even with your not so appealing credit standing.

The King of Kash Difference

There are many companies that offer online loans these days. However, only King of Kash delivers fast, affordable, and convenient processing of unsecured signature loans.

  • King of Kash knows by experience how stressful financial problems can be. This is why we treat each loan application with dignity as we respect our clients as well. We understand how medical emergencies and other unforeseen financial problems can be a source of great concern. This is why we assure you that King of Kash will treat your application with utmost dignity and respect you deserve.
  • We offer fast and convenient processing of your loans application. We know how stressful it can be to try and find money when you desperately need it. This is why we want you to get your money as fast and as painless as possible. We will immediately process your application whether it is done online or through the phone.
  • We allow loans for as much as $3,000 without collateral or credit check. To make things easier for you, King of Kash offers unsecured loans so you do not have to worry about collecting documents for your collateral. Furthermore, you can expect us to entertain your loans application even when you have poor credit.
  • We take pride in our easy and quick approval loans application. You can simply collect your cash on the same day you applied for your loan. You can simply go to your nearest Grandview, MO or request for the money to be deposited directly to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Signature Loans

How long does it take get confirmation on my application?

We’ve made our loan application process at King of Kash more convenient for our clients. You can now get confirmation if you qualify in just under a few minutes upon application. Even better, you can have access to your funds right after you’re approved!

How much can I avail in a loan?

Our loans at King of Kash are mostly under $1,000 and if it’s your first time, you can avail of as high as $800. However, depending on your ability to pay the loan, you can also get as much as $3,000.

Do I need to put up a collateral when I apply?

King of Kash is one of the most borrower-friendly lenders in Florissant. We don’t require any collateral if you apply for one of our personal instalment loans.

Are there penalties for paying my loan early?

Absolutely none! You also don’t need to wait for a minimum number of months before your loan can be paid off.

How do I make the monthly installment payments?

You can make your monthly payment with your debit or credit card. Visit us in person, call us on the phone or set up money transfer at any of our store locations. We can also set up automatic deductions from your bank account so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make that monthly payment.

How do I pick up my cash?
Swig by the nearest King of Kash location to get your check or you can have it deposited into your bank account through bank wire or ACH transfer. You can get your money on the same day with most bank wires, while it’s the next business day if you opt for ACH transfer.

King of Kash is the Easy Loan Store – for a lot of reasons!

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