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Springfield North Personal Loans

Life has a funny, sometimes frustrating way of catching us off guard, especially with our finances. Sometimes you can get through a financial rut quite easily, and sometimes, you just need a hand. King of Kash is called the Easy Loan Store™ because that’s exactly what we do: provide you a personal loan in the easiest way. And while you have a lot of options in taking out an installment loan, King of Kash’s streamlined loan application and approval process will take off a lot of stress from your situation.

But King of Kash is not just in the business in providing you with a loan; it will also take every customer’s application with dignity. Regardless of the reason why you need the money, we believe that giving you best possible treatment and helping you in dire financial need is very important.

With that said, the personal signature loan application process in King of Kash has been made stress-free and painless so you can recover from your financial struggle quickly. You do not have to provide collateral and we don’t do a traditional credit check.

We will take your application, go through it, and give you feedback in a matter of minutes. You can borrow as much $3,000 and you can easily pick up your cash at the nearest King of Kash location or have it deposited straight into your bank account. Our bank wires typically clear same day and ACH transfers go through the following day on business days (Monday through Friday).

Uses for Your Personal Loan

If you are an approved borrower of King of Kash personal loans, you can use the loan to your discretion. We will not come in between your preferences on how the loan should be used, so you can have the freedom to enjoy it. You can perhaps use it to pay:

  1. Urgent Bills: In case your bill is about to be due and you’re short with cash as of the moment.
  2. Fund a Vacation: You may have booked a ticket earlier but slipped up on saving for other expenses like accommodation, food and shopping money.
  3. School Expenses: Whether you need to buy new books or fund for an incoming fieldtrip, money that goes into education are always worth it.
  4. Medical Emergency: Whether you need to get a tooth extracted, go through the motions of laboratory tests or needs to stay at the hospital for a while, having some extra cash will certainly help take off some of the stress.
  5. Home Repairs & Renovations: You might notice that your roof is in dire need of repairs to prepare for the wet season or that the plumbing has become damaged and weak.
  6. Celebrate Occasions: You may want to take your family out for dinner on your birthday or give your first-born a happy first birthday.

The bottom line here is that once you have the money, you can use it for whatever reasons you deem fit!

Frequently Asked Questions About our Springfield North Personal Loans

What is the length of the online loan application process?

King of Kash has refined its application process and streamlined every step to make it easy for our customers. As a result, we will quickly process your application and make the funds available in matter of minutes from approval.

How much can I borrow from King of Kash?

King of Kash provides as much as $3,000 in personal loans which are payable in a 12-month period. If you are a new borrower, the first “loanable” amount is $800, while the average amount for most borrowers is at $1,000 and below. The amount that you can borrow from King of Kash will depend mostly on your capability to pay back the loan.

Is collateral needed to get a personal loan?

No. King of Kash does not require you to present collateral and risk your valuable assets in order to qualify for our loans.

Can I pay the installment loan off early?

Of course! If you’d like to pay off the loan in an earlier date than agreed or shorten the payment period by paying off the loans months earlier, we would be more than happy to accommodate your payments. You will not be penalized or incur charges for doing so.

What are the ways of paying my monthly installments?

King of Kash has designed a variety of ways to pay your monthly installments to your convenience. You can transact the payment over the phone or through money order addressed to one of the King of Kash locations. You may also opt to have the payment automatically deducted from your bank account, use your debit or credit card or simply deliver the payment to our store in person. There’s a reason why King of Kash is called the Easy Loans Store™!

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