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Who is King of Kash?

Lee's Summit Personal Loans

Serving numerous customers all throughout Missouri, King of Kash was first established and founded in 1978. Since then, King of Kash has been relentless in providing financial solutions to people who are in need and don’t want to get involved with the risks that are so often associated with payday and title loans.

King of Kash has continued to expand its reach through the loyalty of our customers as well as their network. We are not just a company who helps give you fast and affordable cash solutions, we are here to genuinely and sincerely help you get up your feet after your financial struggle.

How do I get my Cash?

For your convenience, we’ve streamlined our online loan application process so you’ll know if you’ve been approved in a matter of minutes! After you’ve been approved, you can claim your loan a number of ways:

  • Stop by the nearest King of Kash location
  • Have the money deposited directly into your account
  • Receive the money the next day via ACH
  • In most cases, bank wires are released the same day, Monday – Friday

Lee’s Summit Personal Loans by King of Kash

King of Kash specializes and focuses on personal loans, a type of unsecured loans that’s very helpful to people in financial distress. Our personal loans are non and/or less risky compared to other types of loans because we do not require collateral or impose hefty charges and rates.

King of Kash personal loans are available based on the borrower’s ability to pay back the loan. We will consider your loan amount, employment and credit history into the application yet we have a high (77%) rate for loan approvals. We’ve also designed a very simple and streamlined loan application process that enables borrowers to get their funds almost immediately and not wait for days.

Without credit check, collateral and hidden fees, King of Kash personal loans can certainly provide you with relief in your financial struggles. That is the reason why we are called The Easy Loan Store™!

Types of Money Lenders & The King of Kash Difference

A financial struggle can easily be addressed by taking loans from one of the money lenders you can find. However, it is important that you know exactly what these loans are and how they differ from one another so you make the best decisions.

Title Loans

Title loans are loans that require collateral, usually a vehicle, in order for a borrower to qualify. Lenders of title loans tend to lean more on the value of the vehicle rather than on the borrower’s credit standing. These loans belong to the higher scale in terms of the amount, but it is worth bearing that lenders have their own limitations on the maximum amount that they can provide.

If you qualify for a title loan, you can get the money that same day and still be able to keep the vehicle. The problem begins if you default on your loan because the lender can actually take the vehicle away from you, therefore adding more stress than what you already have.

Payday Loans

Also called check or cash advances, payday loans are small loans that you can borrow to help you tide over until your next payday. These loans are usually offered in smaller amounts and you need to pay on your next paycheck. Payday loans tend to be one of the most expensive loans you can find in the market nowadays, with some lenders charging you as much as $30 for every $100 of your loan.

Some lenders have extra charges, such as lender’s fee and other charges along the way. The lender may also ask you write a post-dated check scheduled on your next pay schedule. However, if the funds don’t come in on time, the check could bounce and you have to pay the overdraft fees as well, on top of the principal amount of the loan plus interest.

King of Kash Difference

King of Kash loans are different in that we do not require you to submit your vehicle as collateral which you run the risk of losing if you default on your loan. King of Kash loans offer a very manageable, convenient and affordable loans that are payable within a 12-month period. We do not impose hidden fees or charge you extras. King of Kash loans are just honest-to-goodness financial solutions that can help you recover from a financial simply by following a very streamlined application process.

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