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No Credit Check Loans in Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau Personal LoansWith 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, all it takes is one unexpected expense to throw your finances into disarray. You may have to make some hard decisions about which bill gets paid on time and which one has to get pushed until next payday.

If you need a solution to your financial problems, then look no further than King of Kash and our Cape Girardeau personal loans.

Who is King of Kash?

King of Kash has been providing affordable solutions to financial hardships via our personal loans in Cape Girardeau for over 40 years now. Unlike the high risks associated with the predatory title and payday loans, we make paying off our loans easy by breaking up the loan amount into 12 easy monthly payments. This let you to pay off the loan little by little without straining your monthly budget.

Our Cape Girardeau bad credit loan lending requirements are based on the amount you wish to borrow and your ability to pay off the loan. We don’t do hard credit checks. Your credit score is not a major factor in whether or not you qualify. We look at whether or not you can pay off the loan itself.

If you can, then you can get your cash in matter of hours and not days!

Apply online to see why we’re Cape Girardeau’s #1 choice for fast online loans.

How do I get my cash?

For your convenience, we’ve streamlined our online loan application process so you’ll know if you’ve been approved in a matter of minutes! After you’ve been approved, you can claim your loan a number of ways:

  • Stop by the nearest King of Kash location
  • Have the money deposited directly into your account
  • Receive the money the next day via ACH
  • In most cases, bank wires are released the same day, Monday – Friday

Good credit? Bad credit? It doesn’t matter!

Don’t let bad credit hold you back from getting a personal loan! At King of Kash, we believe that you don’t need a perfect credit score to qualify for one of our personal loans in Cape Girardeau.

We put the customer and their needs first. Our sole focus is to provide you with an affordable loan to help you out during your time of financial need. We just want to help so apply for a loan even if you think your credit score isn’t good enough.

Our loan approval rate hovers right around 77% so it probably is!

What do I need to apply?

  • Government issued ID & over 18 years of age
  • Social Security Card
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Proof of income & employment (current pay stubs)
  • Open and active checking or savings account
  • Visa / Mastercard card in your name

Refer a Friend and you both get cash!

We like to pay it forward to customers who keep us in their network and recommend our services to their friends and family.

We’ve stayed in this business this long and will continue to do so because of the support and loyalty of our customers. Our Refer a Friend Program aims to reward customers for every successful referral with $20. The customer and his referral will both get to have $20 to enjoy, just because of referring King of Kash and for being qualified for our loans.

To ensure that all your referrals are accounted for, simply use our Refer a Friend form.

What type of loans can I get?

Even when you have an immediate need for a financial solution, it’s very important to understand what choices you have when it comes to the types of loans available to you. Title, payday, personal, and signature loans are the four quickest to get in today’s lending market.

However, knowing how they are different from one another will help you pick the one that’s right for you and your needs.

Title Loans

Title loans allow you to borrow money by using your car as collateral. The vehicle needs to be registered to your name and have a lien-free title in order for it to qualify.

Title loan lenders generally look at the value of your vehicle to gauge your credit worthiness rather than your credit score. Aside from your car’s value, the amount that you can borrow can also depend on your income and capability to pay off the loan depending on the lender.

Even if the vehicle is used as collateral for the loan, you can still keep it and drive it. However, lenders have the right to seize the vehicle from your possession if you’re late on your payments and default on your loan.

Payday Loans

Payday loans, also called cash advance loans, let you get smaller cash loans with no required collateral.

Payday lenders are notorious for have incredibly high interest rates on their loans because of their fee structure, usually $10-30 for every $100 you borrow. So, if you borrow $500, you could incur an additional $50 – $150 in fees. This puts the APR for payday loans well above 300%.

You may also need to provide a post-dated check indicating the loan amount and lender’s fees. However, if the money is not in your account and available on the indicated date, the check may bounce and you will be required to pay for the overdraft fees and late fees to the lender on top of the full loan amount.

Personal Loans, The King of Kash Difference

There’s a very good reason why King of Kash is called the Easy Loan Store™.

We have spent years fine tuning our lending process to provide our customers with a very easy financing solution. It doesn’t require credit checks so your credit score doesn’t have to be perfect to qualify and won’t be affected by applying. You won’t have to put any of your valuables at risk either since our loans don’t require collateral to qualify.

Our lending requirements are built around your ability to repay the loan, not what your credit history looks like or what you’re willing to risk losing. If you have the ability to pay off your installment loan, you’ll most likely be approved.

We offer a more affordable and manageable payment plan through monthly installments over a 1 year time frame. Without any hidden charges, exorbitant rates, or painful application process, King of Kash certainly lives up to its name: the Easy Loan Store™.

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