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Everything doesn’t always go the way we want it to. Sometimes we can find ourselves in trouble financially and we need some help. It can be tough getting the help that you need if you don’t get great credit, but that’s why King of Kash offers easy to qualify Topeka bad credit loans. You can get the money you need when you need it even if your credit is less than stellar.


King of Kash is one of the nation’s fastest growing bad credit loan providers. We’ve been in business for over 30 years so you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with an experienced lender and not some fly by night company. We specialize in personal loans, signature loans, and bad credit loans, but we aren’t just in the business of funding loans. We want to ensure that your loan gets you back on the right track. We treat every loan application with the respect and dignity it deserves. At King of Kash, you’ll never be treated like a number.


You don’t have to have perfect credit to qualify for one of our online loans. We offer a wide variety of lending services to all types of borrowers because no two borrowers’ needs are exactly alike, and neither is their financial history! Our bad credit online loans are specifically tailored to be easy to qualify for and even easier to repay.

All of our Topeka bad credit loans are installment loans which are loans whose total amount is divided evenly across the loan term so your payment is the same every month from beginning to end. These are the easiest loans to repay because they’re predictable and can be factored into your existing budget. The other great part about our no credit loans is that they don’t require any collateral to qualify so you don’t have to put up your paycheck, car title, or other asset to be approved.


Getting a bad credit loan from King of Kash is quick, easy, and simple. You can apply online or over the phone by calling 800-892-3006. To make this process even faster, be sure to have the information below handy while applying for an online loan.

  • Proof of full time employment (Pay stubs)
  • Banking information for an open and active checking / savings account
  • Debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Home or cell phone number
  • Proof of citizenship, SSN, & valid government issued ID


Your time is precious, which is why we’ve taken great strides in making our online loan application process easy and painless. Once you’ve gathered the information listed above, you can apply online . If you’re applying online, you can fill out our form, submit it, and get an approval decision in minutes instead of days like with those other guys!

Once you have your approval decision, one of our loan experts will reach out to discuss your loan with you to make sure you understand the details. If you agree with the details, you can have your money that same business day!


How fast do you process loan applications?

Provided you have all of the necessary information, processing your bad credit loan application will take a matter of minutes and you’ll immediately know whether or not you qualify. However, if you don’t have all the info, we may put your application on hold so you can work with one of our loan experts to finish the application.

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow on your first loan will depend on your credit history, but most of our customers typically borrow $1,000 with most loans starting around $800. However, some borrowers can be approved for up to $3,000 on their loan.

Am I required to put up collateral?

No, King of Kash lends you money on the basis of the details in your application and collateral is not a requirement to be able to borrow money from us.

Do you accept early payments for my loans?

Yes, we will accommodate early payments with no fees if you decide to pay it off earlier than the agreed loan term.

What are the ways of paying for my monthly installments?

We offer many different ways of paying for your loans so you can just pick what’s most convenient for you! You may set up automatic bank payments so that your loans are always paid on time. You may also pay with your debit or credit card or do a money transfer. Alternatively, you can pay over the phone or hand the payment personally at one of our stores.

What’s the best way to get my loan after it’s been approved?

We want to make things as easy for our customers as possible so we provide multiple options for redeeming your loans. We’re not called the Easy Loan Store for no reason. You may drop by the nearest branch to personally get the money or withdraw it from your bank account (we can deposit it into your account). We can also do an ACH transfer or bank wire which clears within the same or the next business day.

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