Terms and Conditions – Kansas

At A-1 Premium Acceptance, Inc. d/b/a King of Kash (“KING OF KASH”) Kansas residents can receive up to $500.00 on your first Line of Credit.  Information provided on your application will be used in determining the amount initially available to you.


By signing the Line of Credit Agreement and Disclosure Statement, you are giving KING OF KASH permission to deposit directly to and withdraw directly from the Financial Institution and account numbers identified within the loan application, including the withdrawal of any and all amounts present in this account until all obligations under this agreement have been satisfied.


By signing the Line of Credit Agreement and Disclosure Statement, you are giving KING OF KASH permission to charge your credit/debit card for any items including but not limited to regularly scheduled payments and returned item/late fees. KING OF KASH will NOT charge your credit/debit card for any other reasons except those transactions requested by you.

Prepaid Visa/Mastercard cards are not always accepted.


Once you have applied, a Specialist will attempt to contact you to verify your banking information. Once you have spoken with your Specialist, if approved, your advance amount will be deposited into your checking account by ACH, normally within 24-48 business hours; unless another method is requested by you and all appropriate forms are successfully submitted to KING OF KASH. Please contact a Specialist to obtain the required forms for this option.


All transactions are governed by the laws of the State of Kansas. Please refer to the laws specific to the State of Kansas for further clarification of the laws that are applicable to this transaction. This service does not constitute an offer or solicitation for short-term loans in all states. Kansas law governing consumer credit agreements apply. If you do not want to enter into a Line of Credit Agreement subject to Kansas law, you should not apply for a Line of Credit with KING OF KASH.

All information is subject to change without further notice.

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