Tax Refunds Delayed Again!!

We’ve turned the calendar to 2014, and with that comes time to file your annual tax returns. Remember last fall when Congress couldn’t figure out how to get along and they shut everything down for a couple of weeks? Well that debacle is now affecting your taxes, meaning federal returns can’t be filed until the end of January and refunds are definitely going to be delayed.

Generally, there are two schools of thought about tax time. One, you may dread the time-consuming filing process — and the writing of check(s) to the federal or state government for money you owe. On […] Read more

March Madness, Spring, and Money Now

The NCAA Tournament is underway, Spring is almost here, the IRS is finally getting around to sending out refunds, but it still seems like there’s never enough money to take care of everything. Taking care of all the bills in the 21st Century America is no slam dunk – even during March Madness!  And that tax refund you get won’t last long either.  If borrowing money from family, friends, banks or other sources won’t work for you, you may want to consider the good points and bad points of the following options.

Options When Borrowing Money

Payday Loans, Title Loans and even […] Read more

Tax Season – Expect Delays All Around

Tax Season and the yearly chore of filing your state and federal tax returns is never on anyone’s list of favorite things to do.  Even if you can count on always getting a refund, filling out the return and hoping you’ve done everything correctly can be more than a little nerve-wracking.

Well this year our friends at the IRS are making things even more interesting with delaying the start of filing until January 30.  Additionally, this delay could also affect the speed with which refunds are issued. In the past people could sometimes receive refunds within as short a period as […] Read more