Rates – Tennessee


A-1 Premium Acceptance – TN, LLC. offers a Line of Credit (Flex Loan) product in the State of Tennessee.
Each account is created differently, depending on the customer’s needs and several other factors.
**Please note, this page is designed to give you an estimate of A-1 Premium Acceptance – TN, LLC’s
Fee and APR Calculations, Exact Fees and APRs can be obtained by applying for a loan and reviewing
your Loan Agreement**

When you draw money from your Line of Credit (Flex Loan) you will be required to make a minimum
payment. Your minimum payment includes Interest, Customary Fees and a required principal

Daily Rate Annual Percentage Rate
Maximum Interest 0.06575% 24.00%
Maximum Customary Fee 0.70000% 255.50%
Total 0.76575% 279.50%

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