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What do People Spend Their Money On?

What do People Spend Their Money On?

Country of residence, age, and income are among the major indicators of a person’s spending pattern. It is interesting to note that different countries have different priorities in terms of household spending. Although housing, food, and transportation tend to be the top three major categories when it comes to budget allocation, it is interesting to note how it varies from one individual to another.

On a bigger scale, data shows spending patterns vary per country as well. For instance, data from The Economist shows that Japan spends a lot of money on housing, fuel, and utilities with 25.3% allocation. Russia, on […] Read more

From Cap and Gown to College Bound

As summer draws near, many children and young adults are counting down to the close of the school year. For some, that also means planning a graduation party as well as a transition into college. In today’s world of over-the-top occasions as evidenced by shows like “My Super Sweet 16,” it can be easy to get carried away. Rather than letting your teen’s celebration get the best of you and your pocketbook, keep these tips in mind for covering your bases on a budget.

The Graduation Party

How can you ensure your loved one’s graduation party is memorable without going overboard? Opt […] Read more

Plant the Seeds for a More Organized Year!

Spring Means it’s Time to Declutter

Here in the Midwest, it’s finally starting to feel like spring has sprung. In addition to opening windows and breathing in fresh air, many individuals and families find it the perfect time for organizing closets and tending to lawn work. Here are a few tips and ideas that could have your home blooming with peace and cleanliness without blowing your budget.

Pick one room or closet as your focus to get started. The big picture of organizing your entire home can be overwhelming and prevent you from making any progress at all.

Divide the items in that […] Read more

5 Keys to Cold-Weather Car Care

Although we’ve been fortunate to have had flashes of spring-like weather in the past few weeks, the extended forecast reminds us that winter is anything but over. If you have a car that you rely on as your primary method of transportation, this may be the perfect time to make a few critical adjustments that could keep you on the road and your car out of the shop.

Keep your battery juiced.
Winter weather’s cold temperatures put added stress on your battery, particularly if you park your car outdoors, so head to a repair shop or your local car-parts store for a […] Read more

It All Adds Up

With spending being so easy, it’s no surprise that saving isn’t. But if you put that money or plastic back in your wallet and say later to the fast food, you could easily open a savings account and start watching that money add up to big savings. The money in your savings account could go toward a new car, home repairs, trips or even your retirement. Because what starts with something as simple as rolling your change or bringing your lunch to work, could lay the foundation for a wealthier future — with a savings account […] Read more

It’s America Saves Week: Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Happy America Saves Week! The Week is your annual opportunity to take action and either begin to save, or add to accounts you already have. Today we focus on saving for emergencies. If you do not have at least $500 in an account you can easily access, then today is your day to set up an account and start saving.

Emergency expenditures can range from the bill for an unexpected car repair, to living expenses that are tough to cover because of a layoff. According to a Federal Reserve Board survey, the typical low- and middle-income household says it desires $3,000 […] Read more

America Saves Week

How many of you out there know that saving money is just about as simple and easy as the proverbial falling off a log?  We’re not sure how well known it is, but next Monday (Feb. 24) is the start of America Saves Week.

America Saves Week, which runs between February 24 and March 1, 2014, is a week wherein various organizations engage the communities they serve to promote consumers making a savings commitment, and then gaining access to ideas, tools, and other resources that help the consumers to reach the goal. In particular, the Week encourages consumers to think about […] Read more

Let Us Be Your Valentine

When Jennifer Lopez sang “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” it’s clear she wasn’t thinking back to any of the Valentine’s Day gifts she may have received over the years. In 2014 alone, more than half of Americans (54%) are expected to celebrate the February 14 holiday with their loved ones, spending an average of $133.91 each on candy, cards, gifts, dinner and more according to the National Retail Federation.

If you’re considering making this Valentine’s Day a memorable one, the King of Kash can help. With this year’s holiday falling on a Friday, it might be time for a weekend […] Read more

Update: Snow Closures

Update to the weather issues… the snow continues to fall and, in many places, it’s adding up to quite a few inches.  Roads remain hazardous and everyone is still encouraged to stay in and off the streets tomorrow.  With that in mind, King of Kash will be closed Wednesday, February 5. Be safe and don’t go out on the roads unless you absolutely have to.  We hope to reopen for normal hours beginning Thursday.

[…] Read more

Snowstorms Hit Missouri

The forecast is for significant snow to fall throughout Missouri tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 4). For the safety of our customers and team members all King of Kash stores and the corporate office will be closed.  While we will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday), we hope the weather will cooperate and normal business hours can resume on Wednesday. Feel free to call us on Wednesday to be sure we are open before you venture out.  Be safe!!

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