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Sullivan has been a stable, family oriented community since 1856. With a revitalized historic downtown retail center that is a quaint return to the late 19th century, Sullivan has a lot to offer travelers and residents day after day. Sullivan enjoys a commanding position on one of the highest points in Franklin County and that meshes nicely with the surrounding beauty of the Ozark region. Meramec State Park adjoins the city and offers pristine beauty, camping, dining, canoeing, lodging, a fascinating cave and a hideaway retreat/convention center. In fact, being equi-distant to Missouri wine country, Missouri cave country, major canoe streams, Six Flags, area antique centers, area festivals and a convenient lunch break if you’re traveling between St. Louis and Branson makes Sullivan quite the stop for travelers. In early times people began migrating to the smaller river lands of the Meramec and Bourbeuse Rivers. Along with the farmers came the miners, exploring the mineral resources of the new frontier and starting mining operations wherever they deemed profitable. Iron and copper were the chief resources, although in later years Missouri would rank number one in lead production in the United States. Today there’s not much mining going on but quite a bit of small manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and, of course, tourism. King of Kash does not offer payday loans or title loans. We issue personal installment loans that our customers tend to see as a better product with better terms. Please stop by or call the Sullivan store for more information.

(The Sullivan City Hall)


450 C Cumberland Way
Sullivan, MO 63080

Phone: 573-468-4310

Between St. Louis (64 mi) & Rolla (40 mi) on 44 Hwy; off S. Service Rd, next to China King
M-F 10AM-6PM
e-mail the store manager

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