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Farmington has never forgotten its small town roots. Their values are interwoven within the people and institutions. In Farmington you’ll find a sense of community, a connectedness among its people that arises from its Midwestern personality, manageable scale, and deep history. For companies and their employees, that’s a winning combination! Farmington is a recreational and outdoor lovers treasure – yet it’s close enough to St. Louis to easily spend a shopping day there. Iron and lead mining drove a lot of the early growth in Farmington and, as needed, the people of Farmington have changed and grown – finding new economic engines.

Today, tourism is a large part of the Farmington economy along with manufacturing, healthcare, education and retail. The old Bonne Terre Mine, now a national historic site, is the world’s largest fresh water dive resort. As part of it, the Billion Gallon Lake is illuminated with over 500,000 watts of lighting, a total of twenty-four dive trails have been laid out in the lake, taking the diver through mammoth archways, past beautiful calcium falls, around gargantuan pillars and to the many abandoned mining artifacts. It’s just one of the many attractions in the Farmington area that keep people solidly tied to the area year after year. The Farmington location and all of our stores follow a “signature loan” model rather than payday loans. This means we issue personal installment loans based on your steady income and banking history. No collateral is required. Call us or stop by for more information.

(The Billion Gallon Lake in the Bonne Terre Mine – according to National Geographic, some of the finest diving in the world)


610 Walton Dr.
Farmington, MO 63640

Phone: 573-747-3106

Located behind Walmart and next to Roller Zone
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